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You woke with a yawn, your (e/c) eyes springing open as you looked around. You vaguely remembered what had happened the night before. You looked at your leg, which was wrapped in a cast. Apparently the kick had broken instead of dislocate.

With a sigh, you looked at the cast on your arm, four names already on it. The only four names that would ever be on it. Dean and Cas, in the same writing, as if Dean had to put Castiel’s name on there for him, and Castiel would never write Cas. Sam. Bobby.

“Finally up?” You heard that very man ask and you looked up, eyes bright to see the man that had pretty much raised the boys and took care of you for a long while.

“Yeah,” You said, grinning, looking around again, as if you had missed something, “Where are the boys?”

At this, Bobby shifted in his seat on the chair, and looked at the wall, studying it as if it had grown much more interesting than it had been a second ago, “Hunting.”

“Hunting? What are they hunting?” Bobby continued to watch the wall, “An angel.”

“Bobby, look at me,” You snap, and he turns his head around to look at you, slightly surprised at your sudden fierceness, “Who are they hunting and why. No more of these one or two word answers.”

“Alright, alright. Fine. After you got knocked out, Castiel was stolen by the angels while the boys were distracted trying to get to you to protect you. When they noticed, it was too late. They got you, took you to a hospital and started tracking Gabriel. Though, they have been calling to check in.”

You nodded, feeling guilty. If you wouldn’t have knocked yourself out, Castiel could still be here. You just hoped he was okay.

“So it’s my fault,” You growled, your left hand, the one attached to your good arm, balled into a fist.

“No, he probably would have gotten taken either way,” Bobby said, reaching in his coat for something. You watched as he pulled out your knife, “Dean grabbed it before they left.”

You nodded, “Thank you Bobby!”

Just as you grabbed it, a phone went off on the stand next to the bed. Your own phone. “They always call your phone first, hoping you’ll pick up,” He said with a chuckle.

You nod and look at the contact name. Dean. You flip open the phone, “Hi Dean!” You say cheerfully, to which there is silence then a girly, “Oh my God Sammy, she’s up!”

You held the phone away from your ear then burst out laughing, causing Dean’s confused voice to come across the line, “What?”

“You’re….You’re scream. Oh my gosh,” You said, gasping for breath, causing Bobby to send you an amused look.

“It wasn’t that bad,” He snapped and you could almost see his frown.

“Gimme!” You heard, and there was a rustling on the other line then Sam’s voice, “Hi.”

You had just managed to calm yourself until you started laughing again. You heard Dean’s voice, “No fair I can’t reach it up there you monster!”

“Guys, guys!” You laugh, “Just put it on speaker.”

After a pause, you heard, “Oh.”

“Can you both hear me now?”

“Yes.” Dean’s voice.

“Good. So, how’s finding Gabriel going?”

“Uh…What?” Sam.

“Bobby told me what happened to Castiel. Are you close to Gabriel yet?”

“Actually, yeah, we found him and convinced him to help us.”

“That’s what I thought. Don’t play stupid with me. So, when are you two coming to see me?”

“Well, probably not until next week,” Dean said

“Alright, well, hurry up, Bobby and I will be waiting. Bye!” You say as you hear voices telling you to wait as you snapped the phone shut.

“How long ‘til the idjits show up?” Bobby asked, and you looked over, frowning, “A week.”

“You probably won’t be in here in a week!” Bobby said and you rolled your eyes, sliding down in the bed, holding out your good arm, “I never got a hug,” You pouted and he chuckled, getting up and hugging you before sitting back down.

“Tired already?” He asked, and you chuckle, “Nah, but my arm does hurt,” You say frowning and Bobby shrugged, “Well, seeing as you broke it.”

“True,” You said, laughing, and you had been so focused on talking to Bobby that you didn’t notice the two figures walk through the door, the shorter of the two putting a finger to his lips and quietly moving forward. You didn’t even notice Bobby’s small smile.

You felt a rough hand touch your shoulder and you yelped, twisting and slamming your cast against someone’s throat, hearing a choke and then heaving for breath, “Good to see you too,” He gasped for air, and you cringed, “Sorry.”

Sam was laughing and you even heard Bobby chuckle a little from behind you.

“It’s…Fine,” He said between breaths. You grab his wrist and drag him toward you, hugging him, “Thanks for getting my knife.”

“No problem,” He said with a smile, hugging you back. You lightly and teasingly pushed him away, dragging Sam forward, “Hey Sam.”

“Hey,” He said, before you pushed him away, “So, you guys were already heading back when you called?”

“Yep! Gabriel was surprisingly easy to find,” Dean answered and you nodded, “Well, that’s good.”

“Well, guys, thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome to stay, but I’m tired.”

“Awwww, (F/Name)!” Dean whined before Bobby glared at him, “Let her sleep, you idjit.”

You laughed, turning your back to the boys and falling asleep.

This is horrible, short and it took forever. I'm really sorry. I got writers block really bad and I needed to catch up on Cryaotic's videos. So there's my explanation. xD Anyway, I don't own Supernatural.

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